Are you at increased risk of severe dengue?

Although only about 1 in 20 people who get sick with dengue will develop severe dengue,1 some people have a higher risk than others of getting seriously ill.2 

An obvious, but important, factor in whether you will develop severe dengue is how much you are exposed to the virus. 

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If you live or travel in warmer, more humid climates, especially high-risk areas, your risk of exposure to dengue virus is higher than someone who lives in a non-endemic area.3 

Additional factors that put you at greater risk of developing severe dengue include your age, sex and medical history. People with increased risk include:

  • People previously infected with a dengue virus

      •  There are 4 different types of the dengue virus so you can be infected more than once. The risk of developing severe dengue is higher if you’ve already been infected with a different type of dengue virus once before3

  • People with underlying medical conditions

      •  Underlying medical conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, obesity, and heart disease, increase your risk of developing severe dengue.2,4

  • Women, especially pregnant women4


If you or anyone you are travelling with is in a higher risk group, speak to your doctor about the risks of dengue and how you can help minimize them.